Havator – The tightrope master

Cranes, especially mobile cranes, are essential to the success of complex projects. Havator has just the right crane. The experienced pros at the Nordic market leader never lose their cool, even when facing the most extreme challenges – no wonder, since the steel cables supporting all that weight are lubricated with MOTOREX.

Founded in 1956 in Tornio (FIN)

Havator was founded in 1956 in Tornio, Finland and acquired its first crane in 1960. Over the years, thanks to successful acquisitions, the company has built an extensive network with an extremely broad range of cranes. As a full-service provider of heavy lifting, assembly, and transport services, the Havator Group specializes in complex lifting tasks involving truckmounted cranes and heavy hauling and handling. The Group currently operates in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and the Baltic countries at over 30 locations.

The Slussen project

Slussen is a district in central Stockholm. The construction project here is one of Sweden’s biggest. The wharf is being moved some ten meters outward and the lock is being completely renovated. The 130-tonne crawler crane with girder mast in the photo (left) sits on a floating pontoon. From there it lifts and positions loads such as steel girders, rebar, pontoons, pillars, and concrete elements weighing well over 20 tonnes.

“Icebreaker” cable protect

When the seawater in Slussen freezes over, temperatures are well below the freezing point. This affects machinery too. The cranes’ steel cables are especially in need of effective protection from the elements. Regular touchup lubrication is needed to ensure optimum functioning with reduced wear. MOTOREX CABLE PROTECT is an easy-to-use, biodegradable touchup lubricant for cables. It is prethinned with a special solvent and forms a thin, non-sticky, waterrepellent protective  film that adheres well. MOTOREX CABLE PROTECT was the proverbial “icebreaker” in the collaboration with Havator.

“It was not just MOTOREX’s outstanding products that won us over. The deciding factor in our partnership was expert consulting and versatile services such as lubrication plans for our equipment.” Fredrik Rudolfsson, Manager of Crawler Cranes, Havator AB

“Think twice – Lift Once”

Havator’s philosophy is summed up in the slogan “think twice – lift once.” For several years MOTOREX has been helping Havator achieve its aims with a minimum of friction. In its engines, NEXUS FE SAE 5W/30 and FOCUS QTM SAE 10W/40 help save fuel and lower CO2 emissions. Various heavy-duty transmission fluids such as UNIVERSAL 80W/90, PENTA 75W/90, and ATF DEXRON III lubricate and reduce wear in transmissions and axles, while MOTOREX COREX HV keeps hydraulic systems reliable. Setting the stage for further masterful tightrope performances.

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